Monday July 8th, 2019

  • World Cup champs again!! Happy Birthday America, the U.S Women’s National Team delivered the nation its 4th World Cup trophy in rather dominating fashion. The U.S. Women’s National Team is light years ahead of the men’s team when it comes to results on the field, but they are light years behind the men when it comes to pay.  A point that the was echoed by the fans in attendance upon the U.S. Women’s triumph in France.
  • Boeing, going, gone!  In what appears to be a signal that Boeing’s 737 Max Jetliner fiasco is not yet behind the company, Saudi Arabian Airlines Corp announced it will move froward with a $5.5 Billion dollar deal with Airbus for up to 50 A320neo Planes which happens to also be the direct rival of the 737 Max .
  • Grab’n go groceries!  Tesco PLC one of the largest supermarket operators in the world is investing in technology that tracks and scans products as customers pick them up off the shelves and pay for them by  simply walking out the door. Say good bye to long lines and the awkward conversations with the cashier.
  • The mother of all iPad’s is in a consumer beta test period before being officially launched likely this fall.  Dubbed the iPadOS, Apple’s super iPad will supposedly do everything……your Mac does?
  • Rates keep falling, the rates keep falling, down, down…Investors are singing those words to the tune of Billy Idol’s 80’s hit today as many believe the Fed is doing a drop step pivot move towards lowering interest rates again, instead of the expected and often hinted raise. Investors are getting a bit giddy that lowering the cost of borrowing will further spur spending, prolonging an unprecedented bull market, on that note stocks globally are moving on the east side.
  • Crypto currency is back on the agenda in Washington as the IRS is seeking to update it’s rules regarding the mode of exchange.   Law makers have been pushing for this in order to help them regulate crypto currency without having to resort to two decades old regulations that don’t apply..shocker!
  • We-Work, we-lose Money!  The co-working “start-up” is seeking up to $4 billion in debt independent from what it will raise in its upcoming IPO.  We-Work is looking to boost investor confidence with the huge capital raise as it continues to hemorrhage money at an obnoxious pace, which last year was the tune of $1.9 billion.
  • You get a job, you get a job, oh and you get a job, you know what you all get jobs!! U.S. employers added 224,000 jobs to payrolls in June, a now decade long expansion continues to roll despite some stronger economic headwinds coming from our friends in Europe and the ongoing U.S. political turbulence.  Despite the strong gain the unemployment rate did tick back up to 3.7%.
  • Pay your bills..seriously.  Debt collection companies are back on the prowl as regulation in the industry is easing since the financial crisis. Lawsuits on behalf of debt collectors being filed in municipal and state courts are back on the rise.


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